Weltevree Experience B.V. considers your privacy very important. We will therefore process and use your data in a secure manner, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. In this privacy statement, we explain what data we collect from you and for what reason. You can also read in this statement what your rights are in relation to this processing. For questions about your privacy, you may contact us at  

Article 1 - Who we are.  
Weltevree Experience B.V. is a Private Limited Company located in (3812 PR) Amersfoort at Havenweg 15. We are listed in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce under number 09155901. We are the controller of your personal data.   

Article 2 - What data do we use?    
Here you can find an overview of the data we process about you, why we do this, what legal basis we have for processing this data about you, and how long we will retain this data. We process your name, billing address, delivery address, email, phone number, financial information, and other data necessary to best provide our services to you. We use this data to make you a satisfied customer for the duration of our agreement. We keep this data for up to 7 years after your last order.   

To manage your order, we will keep your name, delivery address, billing address, email, phone number, purchase history, and payment information in our customer file for up to 7 years after the conclusion of our agreement. We do this for purposes of execution and possible amendment or continuation of the agreement, as well as for the tax authorities.  

For billing and financial administration, we process your (company) name with any associated Chamber of Commerce information and VAT number, billing address, email, payment information, and outstanding balance. Without this information, we cannot process your payment. According to a legal requirement from the Tax Office, we must keep this data for 7 years. After this period, we will delete or anonymize your data.   

In the unlikely event that you have a complaint about our service, we will process your name, delivery address, email, telephone number, purchase history, and the content and communication regarding this complaint in order to come to the best possible solution for you. We will delete data related to complaints 1 year after settlement.  

We have a commercial interest in using some of your personal data for marketing purposes. We process your name and email for direct marketing. We will delete this data once you unsubscribe from our newsletter. You can do this at the bottom of every newsletter sent out. In addition, we ask for your date of birth to surprise you on your birthday.   

To enable and optimize this website, we use analytics services. These services make use of cookies. You can read more about the cookies we use and what personal data is processed with them in our cookie statement. When you want to contact us via the website, we ask for your preferred salutation, name, email, and phone number. By sending the contact form, this data becomes visible to us. We delete the data from a sent contact form as soon as the contact request is completed, unless it results in an agreement.    

Finally, for the purpose of your personal account after an order in the webshop, we process a password. We store this password encrypted in conjunction with your email address and/or username. We do this to prevent security fraud. Creating an account is completely voluntary. In addition, we process the data you enter into your account yourself to facilitate any subsequent orders. We will retain this account information until you delete your account. You can do this at any time in your personal environment.   

Article 3 - How do we obtain this data?   
We obtained the above information from you as a customer, contact person, or website visitor because you provided this data to us.  We make every effort to ensure that data about minors is only collected with parental consent. If you believe that we have collected personal data from a minor without such consent, please contact us.  

Article 4 - What rights do you have regarding this data?   
The General Data Protection Regulation has given you a number of rights regarding the personal data you allow us to process.   
  1. Access - You may request to see your data with us at any time.   
  2. Amendment - If you wish to have your data amended, corrected, supplemented, blocked, or deleted, you can submit a request to that effect. You can also modify some of your data in your personal account yourself.   
  3. Objection - You can object to the processing of your data.   
  4. Data transfer - Should you wish to transfer your data to another provider, we will provide your data in a structured and common form that can be accessed by common digital systems.   
  5. Withdrawal - Where we have processed data based on your explicit consent, you have the right to withdraw this consent.   
To exercise your rights, please send a request, accompanied by a copy of your ID (with BSN and passport photo masked), to We will review your request as soon as possible. If we are unable to fulfill your request, we will let you know why we are denying your request.   

Article 5 - Who may receive your data?   
We will not disclose your data to third parties unless it is necessary for the conduct of our business or required by law. Your data may be transferred to processors for the execution of the agreement. We enter into processor agreements with these third parties to best protect your privacy. We will not resell your data to third parties. When we process your data outside the EEA, we will implement appropriate security measures.   

Article 6 - Final Provisions.  
We recommend reviewing this privacy statement periodically as we may make changes to the policy. If you have any questions about this statement or how we use your data, please email us at If you have a complaint about the way we handle your data, you can also let us know. In addition, you can contact the Personal Data Authority.   


Weltevree Experience B.V. makes use of cookies. Cookies are small bits of information that are sent to your browser when you visit this website and then stored on the hard drive or in the memory of the device you use to visit our website. When you visit our website again at a later stage, this information will be recognized. These cookies will not damage your devices.   

Article 1 - What cookies do we use?   
Here you can find an overview of the cookies we use on the website and why we use them.   

Functional cookies   
We make use of functional cookies. These ensure that the website functions properly so that we can show you what services and products we offer and make the website userfriendly for you. For example, by using these functional cookies you do not have to provide the same information over and over again, as this information is stored and products remain in your shopping cart if you do not immediately proceed to order.   

Analytical cookies   
To enable and optimize this website, we use analytics services. We have a commercial interest in using your browsing behavior and related data to analyze and, where necessary, improve our service. We will track your use of this website with Google Analytics. These cookies know if you have visited our site previously. A cookie is created only on the first visit; subsequent visits use the already-existing cookie. The cookie is for statistical purposes only and collects data on the number of unique visits, which pages are viewed, and for how long they are viewed, among other things. Using JavaScript, we can count page views. This allows us to determine which content is most interesting to you as a visitor.   
However, protecting your privacy is very important to us. As such, we have taken the following measures regarding these analytical cookies to minimize your privacy impact: We have entered into a processing agreement with this provider, we have agreed that they will not use your data for other purposes and we will have part of your IP address masked. Because statistics are collected anonymously, no consent is sought for the placement of analytical cookies.   

Tracking cookies  
We use thirdparty tracking cookies on the website, including Meta, to provide you with personalized offers based on your browsing habits.Your device will be recognized if, after visiting our website, you visit another website in the same advertising range. This allows us to display our ads on that other website. However, we only use this data to show you those ads and will not link it to any other files.   

We also use the Meta conversions API. No cookies are used in this process. The first party data, such as your name, email, phone number, and location, are not sent through your browser, but directly from our server to Meta. We do this to measure the impact of our ads and conversion and improve ads with custom audiences.   

Google's reCAPTCHA also sets tracking cookies. These provide you with a risk score based on your behavior and other factors. From this risk score, Google determines whether there is a legitimate visitor or a spambot. As a legitimate visitor, you then need to confirm that you are not a robot in order to submit the (contact) form.   

The embedded content on this website may contain marketing cookies. Data about you as a user is only sent to these parties when you play, click or navigate the content via Google Maps. The data collected with this is not accessible to us as website owners. You can choose not to consent to the placement of these cookies. However, the embedded content will then automatically be unviewable to you.   

Marketing cookies are also set by Sendinblue so you can sign up for our giveaways and we can track whether you click through to website links from our mailings and by Futy so you can send us instant messages on the website.   

Article 2 - Deleting Cookies   
When you visit our website for the first time, a popup is displayed explaining cookies and asking you which cookies you want to accept. Cookies that are not strictly essential for this website to function will only be placed with your permission. You can withdraw this consent at any time. If you do not want this website to place cookies (anymore), you can indicate in your browser settings that you do not accept cookies and delete all cookies placed. You must indicate this on every computer and in every browser you use. However, this may affect the services and features we can provide to you.   Please note that if you disable cookies in your browser or use an adblocker, your data will still be shared with Meta via the conversions API. However, you can disable consent for these other techniques in our cookie banner.   

Article 3 - Final Provisions    
We encourage you to review this statement periodically, as we may make amendments to the policy. Amendments will be announced on the website. If you have any questions about this statement or the cookies we use, please send an email to