A picnic where and
when you want it

The Folding Picnic is a mobile, folding picnic table that allows you to eat, work or relax wherever you want, whenever you want. 

Dutch Designbrand Weltevree

Multifunctional Garden Lighting.

Spotlights, lanterns, lamps: with the right garden lighting you can enjoy long summer evenings and dark nights in winter. Handsome designer lighting in the garden is not only atmospheric or decorative, but also very practical.

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The sofabed by designer Hade Steenwinkel is inspired by the idea of having a place to both sit and sleep comfortably on the same sofa. The sloping angle of the mattress creates a relaxing seating position. Because the frame has an equal sloping angle, the mattress becomes flat when you rotate it 180 degrees. With just one quick turn, you’ll have a comfortable spot for an afternoon nap in the open air. The two-in-one sofabed is perfect for smaller spaces like a balcony or an urban garden.   Both the mattress as well as the pillows are made from a durable waterproof material called Olefin and have a ventilating underside. The fabric is nearly impenetrable by water, making it well suited for outdoor use. Even a rain soaked mattress will dry quickly due to this ventilation system. The Sofabed frame will be available in Agate Gray and the mattress and pillows will be available in Light Gray and Faded Orange.

The Dutchtub Wood is the brother of the Dutchtub Original. But as brothers often are, they are completely different. Unlike the colored Dutchtub Original, the Dutchtub Wood has a natural look: the tub is covered with wood panels, allowing the tub to completely blend into its surroundings. The Dutchtub Wood is one of Weltevree's iconic wood-fired hot tubs. The outdoor natural-look tub can accommodate up to four adults. The Dutchtub comes with an insulation mat to heat and protect the tub faster outside use. In addition, you will receive a wok, which can be used to cook over the heating coil. Relax in the warm water, enjoy being outside and prepare something delicious in the wok at the same time.The Dutchtub Wood is finished with wooden Plato panels, which have undergone thermal treatment to ensure durability. The water is heated by natural circulation. This is done by lighting a wood fire in the steel coil attached to the Dutchtub. A side table for the Dutchtub Wood can be ordered on the website.

The classic picnic table is a never ending source of inspiration for designer Jaïr Straschnow. After the iconic Tablebench he has come up with yet another inventive, space-saving and playful design: the Folding Picnic. The name says it all: a mobile, foldable picnic table that allows you to have a picnic, work or relax wherever you want, whenever you want. Whether it’s in the front yard, the backyard, inside, in the sun or in the shade, the Folding Picnic is a table to go. With the clever handle at the bottom of the table, the Folding Picnic is easy to move between different spots in and around the house. The folding mechanism allows you to effortlessly collapse the picnic table and store it away when not in use. Perfect for smaller gardens or balconies. The space-saving design is not only mobile, but also multifunctional. The bended edge of the table top serves as a comfortable backrest when facing away from the table. Use the Folding Picnic as a table, or lean your back against the bended edge and use it as a bench. The deep table top allows for flexibility and variation in seating arrangement. By adding chairs on the opposite side of the table, the Folding Picnic provides space for up to four people. Without additional chairs, the Folding Picnic seats two. The Folding Picnic is made of high-quality bamboo. The inherently strong bamboo is made even tougher by a thermal treatment, prolonging its lifespan further. An additional oil treatment ensures the table will retain its natural appearance for a long time.


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