Dutch Design Week

Thank you for visiting Weltevree at Piet Hein Eek. Did you enjoy the display of our new releases? Find the products and more information below.

A multi-purpose daybed

The sofabed by designer Hade Steenwinkel is inspired by the idea of having a place to both sit and sleep comfortably on the same sofa. The sloping angle of the mattress creates a relaxing seating position. Because the frame has an equal sloping angle, the mattress becomes flat when you rotate it 180 degrees. With just one quick turn, you’ll have a comfortable spot for an afternoon nap in the open air. The two-in-one sofabed is perfect for smaller spaces like a balcony or an urban garden. 

Both the mattress as well as the pillows are made from a durable waterproof material called Olefin and have a ventilating underside. The fabric is nearly impenetrable by water, making it well suited for outdoor use. Even a rain soaked mattress will dry quickly due to this ventilation system. The Sofabed frame will be available in Agate Gray and the mattress and pillows will be available in Light Gray and Faded Orange. 

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Redesign of Bertjan Pot’s Patio Set

Bertjan wanted to offer comfort with little means. "The challenge was to create highly comfortable furniture without adding soft materials. Therefore the seating angles are adjusted very precisely to provide comfort to people of different shapes and sizes." When designer Bertjan Pot designed the Patio Set, he had been searching for (garden) furniture that offer comfort and privacy, it led him to design the Patio Set, consisting of the Patio Bench and the Patio High Back. Together these two pieces creating a true patio feeling and providing privacy to a garden or an office. 

The much-appreciated Dutch designer Bertjan Pot proves this again (and again) with the redesign of the Patiobenches for Weltevree. It is the excellent seat angle that makes an apparently rough bench even comfortable and soft! The frame is now made from strong powdercoated steel and eucalyptus wood for the seating. The both Patiobenches will be available in three colors, Red, Blue, Green (kleur namen checken).

Experience time in a way that is meaningful to you

This unique combination between a coffee table and a sundial comes to life through sunlight. The Universal Sundial works anywhere in the world and connects the coffee table to the outdoors and the sun. Designed by Umut Yamac, the Sundial Table is available in Reed Green and Sand Yellow. Find out more about how the Sundial Table works in this story.

Bended Table Wood

Introducing: the Bended Table Wood, expanding the beloved Bended Series by designer Jaïr Straschnow with a table top made of European ash wood, giving the table a warm and friendly feel. The used ash wood has been treated thermally: the wood has been ‘baked’ at a high temperature, making it tougher and thus very well suited for outdoor use. The thermo treatment also gives the ash wood its darker color and emphasizes the wood grain patterns, giving it an even warmer and more natural look. 

The frame of the Bended Table Wood is made from highly durable steel plates bended inwards at a 45-degree angle, hiding all connecting screws and sharp edges from sight. This creates the sleek look the Bended Series is known for. The best part of this smart design? The strong but flexible structure is adaptable to every surface, meaning it will always offer a wobble free seat. The Bended Table Wood will be available in Gray Blue, Pale Green and Agate Gray.


Unwind with the Woodlounger - a bigger and even more comfortable version of the bestselling Weltevree Fieldchair. The archetypical and robust design makes it so that the lounger is comfortable to relax in, with and without pillows. For utter relaxation, the Woodlounger comes with a soft mattress and pillow set - adjustable in height so it fits everyone, tall or short. Put your feet up and turn your face into the sun (also perfect for stargazing at night).

The Woodlounger, just like its little brother, is made from durable larch wood, which lasts years with just a little bit of maintenance and gives the chair an elegant natural look. The clever design makes this not only a comfortable chair to relax in but also easy to store. Simply fold the chair in two and store it upright when not in use. The Woodlounger comes with a pillowset in Light Green.

The Flying Dishman 

The Flying Dishman is a design by Dutch artist Joep van Lieshout. This circular design allows for a 360-degrees view and fits two to three people laying down. With some added pillows for comfort, it functions as a great place to relax in your garden. Next to looking good, the Flying Dishman is sustainable as well. It is partly made from recycled waste containers and partly from new material, mixed together to a dark green color. This choice for materials make it a strong and sustainable design. For Joep, the name of this design refers to the legend of the Flying Dutchman, who had to keep sailing and could not leave his ship: "This resembles the life of the modern man, who is never sitting down but constantly moving. The Flying Dishman offers us the ideal place to take a break and hide out from our mad world."

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