A lounge chair for every garden moment  

For your first cup of coffee in the morning, for sunbathing in the hot afternoon sun, for by a crackling campfire on those sultry summer evenings. Choose your moment. 

Dutch Designbrand Weltevree

Always a dry and clean seat.

The Flip-up chair is made for the changeable weather of spring. The flip-up seat lets you catch every moment of sunshine between showers without having to wipe your chair dry every time. 

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Always have a dry seat with the Flip-up chair. Simply flip up the seat when not in use to protect it from rain and dirt. No need to wipe it down with a towel - the next time you want to sit outside, the chair is immediately ready for use. The slight angle in the design makes it a comfortable seat. Because it is horizontally stackable, it needs little space to store in winter (although the material is so durable it can withstand all weather conditions, even in winter). Great if you have a bigger company to seat for an outdoor dinner party. The Flip-up chair is made of super long lasting aluminum and is maintenance free. The chair is powder coated and is available in Oxide Red, Agate Gray and Olive Green.

The sofabed by designer Hade Steenwinkel is inspired by the idea of having a place to both sit and sleep comfortably on the same sofa. The sloping angle of the mattress creates a relaxing seating position. Because the frame has an equal sloping angle, the mattress becomes flat when you rotate it 180 degrees. With just one quick turn, you’ll have a comfortable spot for an afternoon nap in the open air. The two-in-one sofabed is perfect for smaller spaces like a balcony or an urban garden.   Both the mattress as well as the pillows are made from a durable waterproof material called Olefin and have a ventilating underside. The fabric is nearly impenetrable by water, making it well suited for outdoor use. Even a rain soaked mattress will dry quickly due to this ventilation system. The Sofabed frame will be available in Agate Gray and the mattress and pillows will be available in Light Gray and Faded Orange.

Unwind with the Woodlounger - which offers the comfort of a hammock but can be placed anywhere. The archetypal basis of the Belizean classic has been transformed into a delightful lounger by furniture maker and designer Georg Wasensteiner. For total relaxation, the Woodlounger comes with a plush mattress and pillow set - adjustable in height to fit everyone, big or small. Put your feet up, grab a book, or simply turn your face to the sun (also perfect for stargazing at night). The Woodlounger is made of sustainable larch wood, which with a little maintenance will last for years and gives the lounger an elegant natural look. The clever design makes it not only comfortable to relax in but also easy to store. Simply fold the chair in half and store it upright when not in use. The Woodlounger comes with a pillowset in silver blue with terra red color. Important: Due to the transition to a new cushion, the pillowset in silver blue with terra red color will be delivered in week 23. The Woodlounger can be delivered within the provided shipping period. 

The Waterworks creates order and coziness around the water connection in the garden or balcony. The Waterworks includes a worktop and a perforated wall. The worktop has a recess where the included bucket fits perfectly. Easily hang your garden tools using the 3 included S-hooks. Use the Waterworks to rinse dirty boots, wash fresh fruit, prepare food on it or turn it into a mini bar with the bucket as a wine cooler! The Waterworks, designed by Floris Schoonderbeek, upgrades your outdoor faucet into a water station and outdoor sink all in one! The wall unit is weatherproof thanks to its powder coating and is available in RAL 7033.

Designer Erik Stehmann has given the classic and well known Beach Chair a modern update. The fresh colors of the fabric are created in a collaboration with design studio Raw Color and are inspired by the colors of the horizon: the sunset and sunrise. The organic fabric is resistant to rain & dirt. Store the Beach chair in a dry place when not in use. The Beach Chair is available in two colorways and built from beech wood and organic cotton.

Erik Stehmann combined the timeless, classic beach chair with the comfort and experience of a rocking chair. The fresh colors of the fabric were created in a collaboration with design studio Raw Color and are inspired by the colors of the horizon: the sunset and sunrise. The chairs are made of light, varnished beech wood from Dutch forestry. Store the beach chair in a dry place when not in use. The organic fabric is resistant to rain & dirt. Store the Beach Rocker in a dry place when not in use. The Beach Chair is available in two colorways and built from beech wood and organic cotton.

The graceful, minimalist curved Weltevree outdoor shower is a real eye-catcher. Designed by Tom de Vrieze, the Serpentine is made of stainless steel and weighs only 5kg. This makes the outdoor shower easy to move to wherever you want. Connect the Serpentine to a regular garden hose and enjoy fine refreshment moments on hot summer days in the garden or at the campsite.

The much-appreciated Dutch designer Bertjan Pot proves himself again (and again) with this redesign of the Weltevree Patiobench and Patiobench High. It is the particular angle of the seat and back of the bench that makes a seemingly rough looking bench actually comfortable and relaxing to sit in. With the Patiobench, designer Bertjan Pot wanted to offer comfort with little means. ‘The challenge was to create highly comfortable furniture without adding soft materials.’ The seating angles of the Patiobench are adjusted very precisely to follow the exact shape of the body in order to provide comfort without needing pillows. The powder-coated steel frame provides a sturdy base for the eucalyptus wood seating. The bench is comfortable for two and snug for a company of three. It comes in three colors: Oxide Red, Gray Blue and Cement Gray.


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