Trompenburg Gardens & Arboretum oasis of tranquility in the middle of Rotterdam

Ever heard of a green museum? In the 200-year-old Trompenburg Garden & Arboretum, you can walk along a large museum collection of trees, shrubs, bulbs and tubers. Relax on the Weltevree garden furniture that you will find everywhere in the botanical garden.

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Simplicity at its best: due to the smart construction, this Fieldchair is very comfortable and easy to bring along. Sit back and relax while enjoying the sunset or watch the crackling of the fire from the Outdooroven. With proper care, folding and storing the Fieldchair during the winter time, you can enjoy the Fieldchairs of designer Floris Schoonderbeek for many years. The Weltevree Field Chairs are constructed from durable Larch wood.

Experience time in a more meaningful way thanks to the Weltevree Sundial Table. This remarkable table comes to life through sunlight. The Sundial Table is a unique combination between a functional object, namely a table, and a sundial. The universal sundial works anywhere in the world and connects the table to the outdoors and the elements, specifically the sun. Use the pins to customize the table and mark specific moments in time that are of importance to you: breakfast, a coffee break. With the Sundial Table you enjoy the luxury to not live by the time, but more in the moment. True to your natural rhythm: the rhythm of the sun. Available in RAL 1002 and RAL 6013.Discover how the sundial actually works in this story. 

The Bended Lounger is part of the Bended Series. Due to the smart aluminum design, the lightweight lounge chair does not wobble and can be moved around the garden with ease. The products in the Bended Series have a powder-coat finish, which makes them virtually maintenance-free. Add the cushion set to your Bended Lounger for even more comfort. Available in RAL 6021 and 5008.

Experience the joy of taking a warm bath in your own backyard. The wood fired Dutchtub Original is fully heated by natural circulation: collect wood, start a fire and wait for the water to warm up before taking a well deserved seat in the comfortable Dutchtub in the open air. The Dutchtub is produced from polyester and the steel spiral heats the water by natural circulation. The Dutchtub Original is available in 3 different unique colors and fits 4 adults. Complete your Dutchtub with various accessoires. Also discover our other Dutchtub options here. 

An eye-catcher in every garden! Enrich your garden or patio with the Outdooroven Original. An all-rounder - outdoor fireplace, pizza oven & barbecue grill in one - enjoy outdoor dining and outdoor living all year round. This Iconic design from Dick van Hoff is made from 3mm highest quality Corten Steel and will last for at least 10 years when stored outside all year long. In the lower compartment the wood burning fire will make sure for an even heat distribution heating up the upper (pizza) compartment. The outdooroven can get up to 350 degrees easily and is expandable with various accessories. The Outdooroven is delivered with a one meter chimney pipe, a grill rack and pizza stone. Complete your Outdooroven with various accessoires.


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