Assembly: Self-assembly
Can you sit at the head of the table?: Yes
Category: Outdoor Table, Outdoor-set, Picnic-set
Collapsible: No
Designer: Jaïr Straschnow
Distance inside legs: 212.5 mm
Height Bottom Table: 675 mm
Size Options: 6-8 pax
Space: Suitable for indoors and outdoors
Warranty period: 12 months
Waterproof: Waterproof - possible to keep outdoors
Material: Steel, Thermally Modified Ash Wood
Finish: Powdercoated
Color: Gray
Product Color : Agate Gray RAL 7038
Has the wood been treated? 
No, the wood has not been treated. Without treatment it will turn gray after some time. We recommend treating the wood before the first use.  

Can the product rust if I get a scratch?  
No, because all metal parts of the table are galvanized in addition to the powder coating, even a spot where the paint layer is damaged cannot rust. The only exception are 5 construction elements under the table top. These are only galvanized. A small amount of rust can be seen at the cut edges. This will disappear over time because the steel is galvanized on the surface.


Due to the same smart and flexible construction the Bended Series is known for, the Bended Table Wood will adapt to any surface it stands on: your table will not wobble



The table top is made of locally sourced ash wood. Ash wood naturally has longer wood grains than most types of wood, giving the table a beautiful refined and natural appearance.



The wooden table top is thermally treated: by baking the wood at a high temperature it dries, making it harder and giving it an exceptionally long lifespan.

"Because we have chosen an extremely durable material such as aluminum, the Bended Series can be used both indoors and outdoors. Aluminum is fully recyclable and retains its properties indefinitely. 75 percent of the aluminum ever produced is still used today. With a simple manipulation of bending all edges of the aluminum panels inward at 45 degrees, my work was nearly done. The connecting screws are invisible, sharp edges no longer exist, and the construction is extremely stable yet flexible." 

Jaïr Straschnow


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