Bended table 180 + 6 Flip-up chairs

Composite garden set of lightweight powder-coated aluminum outdoor table and 6 chairs with folding seat


Delivery time 3-4 weeks

Product Color
Colour Flip-up chairs
With this composite garden set of the Bended Table 180 and 6 Flip-up Chairs, you'll create a spot in your garden that is always ready for moments of joy, together or alone. 

A lightweight outdoor table with smart aluminum design, that's the Bended Table. The aluminum plates are bent at 45 degrees, creating a strong and flexible construction that allows the table to adapt to any surface. This ensures that the table never wobbles and is easy to move. 

With the Flip-up Chairs, you always have a dry seat. Flip up the seat when you are not using the chair to protect it from rain and dirt. This way, there is no need to wipe the chair clean or dry with a cloth - the chair is instantly ready to sit in the next time you want to sit outside.