How to maintain Larch wood?

What is Larch wood?
Larch wood comes from the Larch tree, a softwood from Europe. It is a highly durable wood type (class 3) and is ideal in outdoor furniture use. Even without treatment it lasts for around 10 to 15 years. 

Why choose Larch wood? 
Larch wood is a good choice for the environment: it grows fast (making sure a lot of CO2 is turned into oxygen) and is naturally durable, meaning a treatment with chemicals is not necessary. The yellow-orange color and lines give Larch wood a very warm appearance. If left untreated, it will turn into a silvery grey over time.
How to maintain?
To keep Larch wood in great shape, we recommend oil treatment about twice a year. To renew the look of your Larch furniture, lightly sand down the furniture and treat it with wood oil. 

Larch wood does well in outdoor conditions and doesn’t require a lot of work. For easier cleaning, treat the table with wood oil. This will also help in preventing mold if the wood gets wet a lot and doesn’t have a place to fully dry. When mold does appear, treat the wood with vinegar first, before trying heavier anti-mold treatments. 

Using a high pressure cleaner can be a quick fix in cleaning your outdoor furniture. However, always be aware that this causes the wood fibers to open up, making it more receptive to mold and other stains.

To prolong the life of your Larch wood furniture we recommend oil treatment twice a year:
  • Treat the furniture with a wood oil like Rubio Monocoat or something similar.
  • Make sure you apply a thin layer of oil
  • Slows down the aging process of your furniture.

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