Meet our designer: Georg Wasensteiner

After working as a roofer and woodworker for more than thirty years, Georg Wasensteiner finally decided to start his own artisanal furniture making business. His wooden designs are characteristically simple and clean with a warm look and feel. He draws his inspiration from both his extensive experience as well as the nature surrounding him. ‘The best ideas come to life when you have the peace of mind to think.’

With only 800 inhabitants, Jachenau is the tiniest mountain village of Germany. Surrounded by the peaks of the Bavarian Alps is where we find the workplace of Georg Wasensteiner. ‘I am a nature lover at heart. I feel most inspired when I am surrounded by nature. I like to go out into the mountains and feel the inspiration flow. The best ideas come to life when you have the peace of mind to think. At night, the ideas take shape in my mind and in the mornings I go into my workplace and bring them to life.’ 

The design for the Woodlounger was finalized when Georg was snowed in during a particularly heavy snowstorm. ‘Because of the snowstorm, hundreds of trees had been uprooted and were blocking the main road to the village. We were snowed in for two weeks and provisions had to be flown in by helicopter. With all that time on my hands I decided to use the wood at my disposal and work on my design for the Woodlounger.’

From rooftop structure to elegant lounger 

Originally inspired by the classic Belize beach chair, Georg wanted to create a wooden lounger that had the light and comfortable feel of a hammock. His experience in roofing and woodwork were an inspiration for the structure of the Woodlounger. ‘I have worked as a roofer for many years. The wooden cross beams that form the basic structure of a roof are just about the strongest framework I can think of. I thought: if I turn these beams around, I have the perfect construction for a lounge chair.’ With a few clever adaptations, the final design creates a soft and light seating position that is surprisingly comfortable. 

‘I am not a designer’ 

Georg worked as a roofer and a woodworker for more than thirty years. Because of his experience he has extensive practical and technical knowledge of wood and construction. ‘I am not a designer in the traditional sense. I did not have an education, but my strength lies in my experience and the inspiration I find in my surroundings.’ Georg works by the principle of trial and error. ‘I don’t make technical drawings, I just get to work. By trial and error I find out what works and what doesn’t. I made about thirty prototypes of the Woodlounger before I was satisfied with the final design.’ 

Timeless and refined 

Georg loves working with wood. When asked if he ever works with any other materials, he answers: ‘Wood has this warm quality that no other material can match. I sometimes work with other materials, but none have the warmth and timelessness of wood.’ The larch wood is exactly what gives the Woodlounger its warm and elegant appearance. 

Nature is our home 

With his design, Georg wanted to realize a chair that he could easily move around. The clever foldable design of the Woodlounger gives you the freedom to move the lounger around and put it exactly where you want it; under a tree in the cool shade, in that spot where you can catch the last bit of sunshine of the day, or next to the fire at night to gaze up at the stars. As humans we have always been drawn to nature but in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s easy to forget that nature is our home. The intuitive design of the Woodlounger reminds us of this and helps us experience nature the way we are meant to: not as a spectator, but as an active participant.
Unwind with the Woodlounger - which offers the comfort of a hammock but can be placed anywhere. The archetypal basis of the Belizean classic has been transformed into a delightful lounger by furniture maker and designer Georg Wasensteiner. For total relaxation, the Woodlounger comes with a plush mattress and pillow set - adjustable in height to fit everyone, big or small. Put your feet up, grab a book, or simply turn your face to the sun (also perfect for stargazing at night). The Woodlounger is made of sustainable larch wood, which with a little maintenance will last for years and gives the lounger an elegant natural look. The clever design makes it not only comfortable to relax in but also easy to store. Simply fold the chair in half and store it upright when not in use. The Woodlounger comes with a pillowset in silver blue with terra red color.