Meet our designer: Dick van Hoff

Dick van Hoff studied Product Design at the School of Arts in Arnhem. Functionality, quality and the relationship between the user and the product empower Dick’s designs. “Functionality surpasses aesthetics, but it doesn’t mean that form follows function,” Van Hoff claims. The designs are prominent and overwhelmingly stunning due to their powerful visual language. Often robust in form but subtly detailed. True icons that conquer your heart. “Their presence comes naturally, their place is logical and pleasant like an old friend,” says Van Hoff. Dick van Hoff designed the Outdooroven and the Outdooroven XL specially for Weltevree.
“The Outdooroven was realized from the need to find more functions for fire than making a simple bonfire.”

Fire brings pleasure on a universal level, but has also always been used to prepare food. Van Hoff designs with his hands, often without the use of pen and paper. The end form from the oven is created through the process of making. The best way of heat distribution was found through trial and error. Despite the fact that use value and experience are prominent, the simple and robust character of the oven shows an aesthetic appearance, which makes you want to put it in your backyard. It is a social product that sharpens the value of sitting around a fire or cooking together.
Would you like to know more about Dick van Hoff? Follow him on one of his social media accounts or take a look on his website: vanhoffontwerpen.nl

Design by Dick van Hoff

An eye-catcher in every garden! Enrich your garden or patio with the Outdooroven Original. An all-rounder - outdoor fireplace, pizza oven & barbecue grill in one - enjoy outdoor dining and outdoor living all year round. This Iconic design from Dick van Hoff is made from 3mm highest quality Corten Steel and will last for at least 10 years when stored outside all year long. In the lower compartment the wood burning fire will make sure for an even heat distribution heating up the upper (pizza) compartment. The outdooroven can get up to 350 degrees easily and is expandable with various accessories. The Outdooroven is delivered with a one meter chimney pipe, a grill rack and pizza stone. Complete your Outdooroven with various accessoires.

The Outdooroven XL, a design by Dick van Hoff, is a complete outdoor kitchen for the real master chef. This wood burning stove has a large barbeque grill, pizza stone with a closable door and a lid under which you can smoke and cook your meat, fish or vegetables. The Outdooroven XL is made from 3mm highest quality Corten Steel and will last for at least 10 years when stored outside all year long. The pizza compartment can get up to 350 degrees easily.