How to maintain Bamboo material

Bamboo not only has a natural look, it’s also exceptionally durable. We use bamboo for the Folding Picnic and Tablebench. To ensure that these products retain their natural look and quality, it is advisable to give them a maintenance once or twice a year. 

What is bamboo? 
 Bamboo is not real wood, but actually consists of pressed bamboo fibers. The giant bamboo stems are cut into long strips and boiled in water, then the strips are glued together. By using multiple layers, thicknesses can be varied for furniture. This makes the material easy to process into planking and sheet material. 

Why choose bamboo? 
Bamboo is a particularly durable material for outdoor furniture because of its exceptionally fast growth rate and sturdiness. With a growth rate of 5 to 91 centimeters per day, it is the fastest growing plant in the world. In addition, its sturdiness gives the material a long lifespan. For even longer life, the bamboo is oiled with a special exterior oil. This also preserves the natural look of the material.

How do you maintain bamboo? 
Bamboo requires little maintenance. To further extend its lifespan, slow down the weathering process and protect the surface from stains, we recommend cleaning the bamboo once or twice a year and treating it once a year with a wood oil. 

  • Wet the table, using a cloth or garden hose (note: do not use a pressure washer).
  • Apply some green soap to the surface. 
  • Scrub with a hard brush in the grain direction of the bamboo. The green soap should lather in the process. Do this until the surface is thoroughly clean. 
  • Rinse with clean water until all the soap is gone. 

After cleaning, you can treat the table with a suitable oil. Make sure the table is completely dry before oiling. It is recommended to tape off any steel parts with painter's tape. The bamboo of our furniture is treated with a mix of two colors to preserve the natural color of the bamboo as much as possible. For this purpose
, 80% Woca Exterior Oil Natural is mixed with 20% Woca Exterior Oil White. Jars are available from Woca that include a small bag of white oil to achieve the same effect again. Follow the instructions on the packaging for oiling the table.
The classic picnic table is a never ending source of inspiration for designer Jaïr Straschnow. After the iconic Tablebench he has come up with yet another inventive, space-saving and playful design: the Folding Picnic. The name says it all: a mobile, foldable picnic table that allows you to have a picnic, work or relax wherever you want, whenever you want. Whether it’s in the front yard, the backyard, inside, in the sun or in the shade, the Folding Picnic is a table to go. With the clever handle at the bottom of the table, the Folding Picnic is easy to move between different spots in and around the house. The folding mechanism allows you to effortlessly collapse the picnic table and store it away when not in use. Perfect for smaller gardens or balconies. The space-saving design is not only mobile, but also multifunctional. The bended edge of the table top serves as a comfortable backrest when facing away from the table. Use the Folding Picnic as a table, or lean your back against the bended edge and use it as a bench. The deep table top allows for flexibility and variation in seating arrangement. By adding chairs on the opposite side of the table, the Folding Picnic provides space for up to four people. Without additional chairs, the Folding Picnic seats two. The Folding Picnic is made of high-quality bamboo. The inherently strong bamboo is made even tougher by a thermal treatment, prolonging its lifespan further. An additional oil treatment ensures the table will retain its natural appearance for a long time.