Meet our designer: Dirk Wynants

Dirk Wynants is an established designer and the founder of the Belgian brand Extremis. He studied Interior Architecture and Furniture Design at the Architecture Institute of Sint-Lucas in Ghent, Belgium. Soon after completing his studies he founded Extremis in 1994. Nowadays he is also the managing director of his own design studio Dirk Wynants Design Works.

To Dirk Wynants a valuable product is more than a good-looking object. Dirk: “A design is often judged on several aspects, like economic viability, function, sustainability, esthetics and added value. It is very important to me to only create products that meet all of these standards and have added value most of all. A strong design offers a solution. The looks of the design should not be the result of just trends or taste, but the result of practical considerations and its function. In this way a product is more likely to be timeless and long-lasting.”
“The looks of the design should not be the result of just trends, but the result of practical considerations and its function. In this way a product is more likely to be timeless.”

The Woodstock by Dirk Wynants was formerly part of his Extremis collection but was redesigned for Weltevree. It consists of two parts: a hand truck and a frame, both made of weatherproof steel. In the Woodstock Frame wood can be neatly stacked and stored near the fireplace. With the Woodstock Trolley one can transport the filled frame with ease. Dirk: “You can also use the Trolley for transporting all kinds of objects, like the Weltevree Outdooroven. I get a real kick out of developing products that serve multiple purposes.”
Would you like to know more about Dirk Wynants? Have a look at his website: dwdw.be

Designs by Dirk Wynants

The Woodstock, designed by Dirk Wijnants, consists of two parts: the Woodstock Frame and the Woodstock Trolley. The elegant storage frame is particularly suitable for storing firewood and looks beautiful with your (garden) interior. In combination with the Woodstock Trolley, the frame can be used to effortlessly transport your wood stock. Because the trolley has integrated hooks, you can securely fasten the frame as well as your Outdooroven or a crate of beer. The Woodstock Set helps you transport more easily and safely. The frame and trolley are made of electrolytically powder-coated and galvanized steel, making them weatherproof. The Woodstock Set can be used both indoors and outdoors. The Woodstock Set makes stoking a fire even more fun.

Various options from US$413.00
The Woodstock Trolley can be used to transport a supply of firewood in the Woodstock Frame with ease. The trolley is also equipped with special hooks to safely transport the Outdooroven.

Various options from US$413.00
The Woodstock Frame can be used as a storage space for your firewood. Combine with the Woodstock Trolley for easy transport to your fireplace.