Zoku x Weltevree: enjoy a drink on the rooftop terrace

Zoku x Weltevree: enjoy a drink on the rooftop terrace

Enjoying the views over Amsterdam, a drink in hand, all while exploring Weltevree products in person? We are excited to announce our collaboration with Zoku! Earlier this month, we got together for a redesign of their roof terrace and provided the furniture for this beautiful space. If you can, stop by to see the place for yourself! Moreover: with the code Weltevree10 you can get a discount for 10% to stay the night and get a free drink on the terrace. 

Best of both worlds 
Zoku describe themselves as a home base for holiday and business travelers who want to live in the city anywhere from a few days to a few months. They offer a so-called “home-office hybrid”: A relaxing place to live, work and socialize with others, all in a flexible loft room. Even if you’re far from home, this hotel will make you feel like home.
Their rooftop terrace is one of those places that combines socializing with work. It offers the perfect co-working space with views over Amsterdam. When Zoku decided to redesign this rooftop, we were happy to get involved. In a place that should cater to many different people and types of usage, the multifunctionality of our furniture really comes alive: there are different areas where you can either sit and relax, work, or socialize; all while using the same piece of furniture. There is a suitable place for everyone and each time of the day.
Discount code 
Are you curious to visit Zoku to see this rooftop bar and the views over Amsterdam for yourself? Visit Zoku in Amsterdam and enjoy a discount of 10% with the code Weltevree10. This offer is for a one-night stay and includes a free drink on the roof terrace. 

You can spot a large part of our collection here, including the Bended Series, the Tablebench, the Fieldchair, the Beach Chair, the Flying Dishman and the Stringlight. 
The Flying Dishman, designed by Joep van Lieshout, is a lounge island made of recycled plastic (60%), making it sturdy and sustainable. The circular design allows for a 360 degrees view and fits 2 to 3 people laying down. Additionally a cushion set can be ordered to complete the Flying Dishman.

Variants from US$2,826.37
The Bended table is part of the Bended Series. Thanks to the smart aluminum and lightweight design, the table can be moved with ease and it will never wobble. The products in the Bended Series have a powder-coat finish, which makes them virtually maintenance-free. The Bended Table is available in 3 sizes. Additionally a cushion set can be ordered for the Bended Bench for even more comfort. Available in RAL 6021 and 5008.

Variants from US$842.95
Simplicity at its best: due to the smart construction, this Fieldchair is very comfortable and easy to bring along. Sit back and relax while enjoying the sunset or watch the crackling of the fire from the Outdooroven. With proper care, folding and storing the Fieldchair during the winter time, you can enjoy the Fieldchairs of designer Floris Schoonderbeek for many years. The Weltevree Field Chairs are constructed from durable Larch wood.

The Tablebench is an ideal workplace, but can also function as a terrace-, garden-, balcony table or bench. The multifunctionality makes the Tablebench a perfect fit for multiple spaces. The base has been finished with a powder coated layer protecting it from rust. The Tablebench is available in a two and four seater version with a larchwood finish. The two seater Tablebench is 110 cm wide, 75,5 cm deep, 77 cm high and weighs 25 kilos. Seating starts at 47 cm. Where would you place our Tablebench? Available in RAL 7033.

Variants from US$984.63