The Groundfridge

The Groundfridge is the innovative alternative to the traditional cool cellar and meets the needs of people with their own (vegetable) garden and a modern, self-sufficient existence. 

Dug-in (refrigerated) cellar 
The Groundfridge is an excavable and autonomously functioning (cool) cellar. An innovative variant of the traditional cool cellar, for the new world citizen with his own (vegetable) garden and a modern self-sufficient existence. The Groundfridge uses the insulating effect of the ground and the cooling effect of the groundwater. The temperature in the Groundfridge remains stable between 10 and 12°C throughout the year; the ideal temperature for storing fruits, vegetables, wine and cheese. 

Designer Floris Schoonderbeek 
Designer Floris Schoonderbeek, together with landscape architects, conducted research into the use of gardens through time. They found that there is a connection between the design of our gardens and the economic climate. If the economic tide is against us, the garden is often used to grow food. While in boom times we prefer to have a show garden to show off. This movement is also visible during the current economic crisis. Although the economy is picking up slightly, the popularity of vegetable gardens seems to be continuing just now. Growing food and leading a self-sufficient existence have a positive connotation these days. The food that comes fresh from your own vegetable garden is often much tastier, but growing your own food has also gained a certain status.
Transfer Groundfridge 
One problem... we don't have the food storage space you need for this (anymore). The Groundfridge is an ambitious project and in full development. To lift the capacity of the Groundfridge to the highest level, the Groundfridge has been transferred. Meanwhile, the Groundfridge has been further developed by studio Floris Schoonderbeek and has grown into an independent organization with its own team fully dedicated to this project and customization. 

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