The Flying Dishman: the story behind the outdoor daybed

The Flying Dishman is the result of a unique collaboration with Dutch artist Joep van Lieshout. With a circular design, this outdoor daybed offers a unique 360 degrees view and is the ideal place for relaxing. But the luxury lounge island didn’t get its name for no reason. So, what is the story and vision behind the Flying Dishman?

The myth of the Flying Dutchman

The name of the Flying Dishman refers to the myth of the Flying Dutchman: a ghost ship forced to sail the seven seas forever. Joep explains how this myth of the eternally traveling ship touches upon important environmental topics: “The ongoing travel underlines the continuous circle of recycling: the current fate of the ocean and the plastic soup’s contradiction between sustainability and ecological disaster.”


Le processus par lequel les conteneurs de déchets sont transformés en une fine poudre

La durabilité est un aspect important de notre mission, c'est pourquoi le lit de jour extérieur est en partie fabriqué à partir de conteneurs de déchets recyclés. En outre, cela donne au design littéralement circulaire une signification circulaire en termes d'économie et d'environnement. Les conteneurs de déchets proviennent de l'usine de recyclage de Van Werven, où ils sont triés, nettoyés et broyés grossièrement. Les conteneurs de déchets sont transformés en une fine poudre dans notre usine de production pour devenir un matériau approprié pour le Flying Dishman. L'un des principaux avantages de ce matériau est qu'il résiste aux conditions météorologiques quotidiennes et qu'il ne nécessite pratiquement pas d'entretien.

Take the time to relax

Lastly, there is the literal meaning behind the myth of the Flying Dutchman. In this legend, the doomed captain could not leave his ship, but was forced to sail for eternity. This resembles the life of the modern man: never sitting down, but constantly moving. The Flying Dishman offers a place to take a break from this busy daily life. Together with the added cushion set, it really is the ideal place to lay down, relax and stop moving. Even if it’s just for a few minutes.

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The Flying Dishman, designed by Joep van Lieshout, is a round lounge island made of Polyethylene(PE). This material is highly recyclable and the product thus contains 60% post-consumer recycled plastic, making it robust and durable. The remaining 40% is still new plastic. The round design of the seat shell allows for a 360-degree view and accommodates 2 to 3 people to lie down. Enjoy nature and unwind on the Flying Dishman. Comes standard with cushion set in your choice of color: green or orange. The new cushion set consists of a large mattress with a diameter of 165cm and 40mm thickness, two cushions off 70x70cm and a cushion of 100x70cm. The mattress is made of a light beige waterproof outdoor fabric with a filling of HR polyurethane foam. The pillows are also made of a waterproof outdoor fabric and have polyester fiber filling. The mattress and pillows have a zipper so the covers can be removed and washed.  As an accessory to the Flying Dishman, we have a waterproof cover available to protect the mattress and pillows. However, it is still strongly recommended that the cushions and mattress, outside the season of use, be stored inside in a dry place.