Experience the Weltevree Originals

It is time to celebrate the products that started it all for Weltevree: the Weltevree Originals. From the start, our mission has been to contribute to a more conscious, social and content life by providing well-made products that activate and enrich the use of your environment. These are products that ask for an active approach, that come to life when they are being used. Every Weltevree product is made with this mission in mind and the Weltevree Originals have embodied this philosophy from the start.

The first two originals
The first two product that can be claimed as the originals are the Weltevree Outdooroven and the Dutchtub Original. These wood-fired products both require the user to engage with their surroundings. To enjoy the products, it isn’t as simple as plugging them in and pressing start. Wood needs to be chopped and a fire needs to be started. In the end, this process invites the user to be outdoors all day and makes the outcome even more rewarding.
What the Outdooroven and Dutchtub are all about
Back in 2005, designer Dick van Hoff felt the need to be able to cook outdoors, all year round. The Outdooroven was made from a need to bring practicality and pleasure together in one fireplace. It not only serves as a place for outdoor cooking, it is also meant for warming up and socializing. In short, the Outdooroven transforms your garden into a meeting place. It allows for the outdoors to become an extension of both your kitchen and living room. 

Similarly, the Dutchtub Original brings the user in direct contact with their surroundings. Besides the enjoyment of bathing outdoors, Designer Floris Schoonderbeek explains the feeling this hot tub should give you: “I feel a strong need for direct contact with my surroundings. I want to experience the pleasure of discovering things yourself, that feeling of independence. Products you can do things with, that come to life when in use.”
Get the Weltevree Original experience
Where the Outdooroven and the Dutchtub Original started the Weltevree journey, new originals like the Guidelight, the Wheelbench and the Swing follow this same brand mission and love for the outdoors. What do they have in common? They all invite you to explore your surroundings. Go out and start a new adventure. That is what the Weltevree Original experience is all about. Discover all old and new originals by clicking the button below.
This outdooroven is an eye-catcher in any garden! Enrich your garden or patio with the Outdooroven Original. From bread rolls for breakfast to pizza or sparibs for dinner: the outdoor oven is a real all-rounder and contains an outdoor fireplace, oven and barbecue grill in one. So you can enjoy adventurous meals outdoors all year round. In summer with a cocktail and in winter with a hot chocolate.  In the lower open compartment the wood fire is stoked. Above it is a compartment with a lockable flap, in which you can bake. The top of the Outdooroven is flat and warm enough for cooking. The outdoor oven easily reaches temperatures up to 350 degrees and is expandable with various accessories. This iconic design by Dick van Hoff is made of high-quality 3mm thick Corten steel and will last at least 10 years. The outdoor oven comes complete with pizza stone, grill grid and 1 meter stove pipe. Complete your Outdooroven with various accessories.  Light a fire, make some goodies in the outdoor oven and chat with your friends while enjoying the crackling wood fire in the background. 

Experience nature from within the Dutchtub original and experience the luxury of outdoor bathing. The iconic wood-fired hot tub allows you to fully relax in your own backyard all year round. The Dutchtub Original is made of polyester and a steel coil. The water at the bottom of the tub is drawn in through the coil and heated by the fire of the wood-burning stove. The water flows into the tub and in this way uses natural circulation of the water. The Dutchtub holds 600 liters of water per splash.The Dutchtub is comfortable, a real eye-catcher and with its 75 kilos it is easy to move. To make moving it even easier, the Hand Trailer is available separately in the Webshop. Place the Dutchtub in a nice spot in the garden, heat the water and lower yourself into the water. Close your eyes and focus on your surroundings and the sounds around you. Combined with a drink, the Dutchtub is a cozy drinking spot for an evening with friends. The design of this special hot tub is by Floris Schoonderbeek. The Dutchtub Original, a Dutch design, is available in three different unique colors, comes with a wok. The tub seats four people and reaches a temperature of 38 degrees within about 2 hours. Complete the Dutchtub Original with a variety of accessories. Also explore our other Dutchtub models here.