A step-by-step manual for the Swing

A step-by-step manual for the Swing

The ultimate way to experience freedom. That is how we like to describe our Weltevree Swing. It is a mobile swing that can be used anywhere and anytime. But how exactly do you use it? What are safe spots to attach the Swing to? Follow these steps and you can be sure you use your Swing safely. 

Please note: Before you use the Swing, there are safety precautions to keep in mind. The Swing is not suitable for children under the age of three and the maximum weight capacity is 100 kg. It is important to only use trees or poles that leave a solid impression. And before each use of the Swing, always check whether the screw connections and lashing straps are still in place. Please check the manual for a full rundown of the safety measures.  

How to use the Swing? 
Step 1: pick the right tree or pole  The mobile Swing can be attached to a pole or tree of your choosing. This does not mean however that every tree is suitable. First of all, a suitable pole or tree needs to have a circumference of 94 to 204 centimeters. To help you with the circumference, the Swing comes with a handy measuring tool that will tell you if the tree is suitable or not in just one look. 

Second of all, you will need to check the condition of the tree. Make sure it is a strong and fairly straight tree. There should not be any rotten branches or other obvious faults. Pick a sturdy one for your own safety! 
Step 2: check the surroundings  After measuring the tree and checking its condition, you need to inspect the surroundings of the tree. It is important to ensure a sufficient safety distance of at least 2 meters from any obstacles near you. So always make sure there are no walls or other objects in the way of the swinging direction.    

Step 3: attach all the elements It is now time to attach the Swing to the tree or pole. The Swing is made up of a large steel triangle, lashing straps, a safety line and the ropes plus wooden seat.    

The triangle  
At what height do you secure the triangle? Secure it at a minimum height of 190 centimeters and a maximum height of 250 centimeters. The wooden seat should be at least 35 centimeters above ground.    

The lashing straps 
When tightening the lashing straps, always make sure each strap is straight and not twisted. Use the ratchet to tighten the straps as tightly as possible to the tree or pole. Then lock it. Detailed drawings of how to secure and tighten the lashing straps can be found in our manual. Make sure to look at these carefully.    

The safety line 
In the rare situation that the lashing straps would come off during swinging, there is the safety line. This line should always be attached. Do not use the Swing without it. Check out the manual for detailed drawings on how to attach the safety line in the proper way. 
Step 4: time to start swinging The last thing to do is to attach the ropes and wooden seat to the triangle. You can adjust the length of the ropes yourself. As mentioned before, always make sure that the seat is at least 35 centimeters above ground. Now you’re fully ready to use the swing. Have fun!   

If you still have further questions on how to use the Swing, please to not hesitate to ask us!