about Weltevree

Weltevree is a Dutch design manufacturer that focuses on outdoor, comfort and adventure. Ranging from the woodfired Dutchtub and Outdooroven to the clever Guidelight and Patioset: products that make sense in function, design and experience. Each Weltevree product encourages an adventurous and social lifestyle and will bring you comfortably closer to nature. At home, at work or in the great outdoors. Weltevree, Playing with nature.


You are required to send us a reference copy (hardcopy or digital) when using information from Weltevree for publication. Photography by Suzanne Valkenburg, Pegtures, Brigitte Kroone and Ivo de Kok. Photography Weltevree Strandtuin @Vlieland: Tatjana Quax & Ben Lamers. For further information, questions or requests, please contact us at, we are happy to help!

Guidelight + Hook
Tablebench 2-seater
Tablebench 4-seater
Weltevree goes to Milan
Patio High Back
Outdooroven XL
Dutchtub Wood
Dutchtub Original
Dutchtub Loveseat
Beach Rocker
Beach Chair
Forestry Bench
Forestry Table
Patio Easy Chair
Patiobench 4-5 seater
Patio Side Table
Patiobench 2-3 seater