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In his garden, surrounded by a fire basket and barbecue, the designer of the Outdooroven, Dick van Hoff, realized: this doesn’t work. “It seemed natural to me to combine the practical with the pleasurable: heat source, barbecue and oven all in one.” As such he created the multifunctional Outdooroven. Just as in the old days, in this outdoor stove fire is used for both heat as to prepare food. It strengthens the social aspect of cooking together and spending time together around the fireplace.

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  • H 90 x W 34 x D 33 cm
    H 35 x W 43 x D 13 inch
  • The pipe adds 100 cm / 39,5 inch to the height
  • Weight 35 kg / 77 lbs


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For esthetics it might be desirable to brush th esurface with a wire brush periodically. find more tips how to maintain here.


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Corten Steel, a special type of stel with an oxidzed layer that slows down the rusting process. Find more about Corten Steel here.


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Corten Steel, a special type of stel with an oxidzed layer that slows down the rusting process. Find more about Corten Steel here.


The Outdooroven is wood-fired. The fire can be used for heat and ambiance or for cooking. The fire in the heard has to burn for about 30 minutes for the oven and cooking stone to heat up for use.

Oven temperature

The cooking stone in the oven absorbs the heat and distributes it evenly. The door keeps the heat inside the oven when baking and cooking oven dishes. The temperature inside can be managed with the fire. The optional Magnetic Thermometer makes it easier to control the temperature.


The Outdooroven is double walled. The space in between the walls leads the smoke away from the fire, around the oven and directly into the chimney pipe. This feature limits the amount of smoke emitted through the opening at the heard and ensures the smoke doesn’t affect the taste of the dishes prepared in the oven.

Oxygen supply

Strategically placed ventilation holes in the bottom of the Outdooroven provide extra oxygen to keep the fire in the heard going without wood and charcoal falling out from below.

Barbeque grill

Once the fire has transformed the wood into charcoal, the heard can be used as a barbeque grill. The stainless steel grill rack can be placed in several positions close to or away from the heat source. The heard can also be used for popping and puffing potatoes or other vegetables.

Allround heat source

The top of the oven will get warm because of the heat being distributed throughout the oven. By placing a pan on top of the oven, prepared sauces or dishes can be kept warm. 


In time the Outdooroven will change color because of the oxidation process in the Corten steel. The resulting layer gives the oven its characteristic brown and orange color and protects the material against further oxidation.

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