Create the ultimate feeling of freedom by cooking together, with the recipes from this Cookbook specially developed for the Outdooroven.

This is not a common cookbook. This is a manual for a great outdoor dinner. The recipes in this book were created by Chef Jeroen van Werven. He developed this cookbook for the Outdooroven with pure recipes for a meal that fits the season from summer to winter. Puff, grill or stew, these recipes give you the ultimate feeling of freedom all year round!

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product benefits

  • Cookbook full of recipes suitable for every season
  • Contains a manual for the Outdooroven
  • Recipes for baking, braising, roasting, grilling and popping
  • The cookbook has a rough cover where a match can be lit on

Cookbook by Jeroen van Werven

Chef Jeroen van Werven works from his company JvW Culinary Concepts for a diversity of clients. In more than 20 years he has built up experience in almost all facets of the hospitality industry. Among others, for almost 15 years as owner of his own Restaurant Look eating & drinking in Arnhem. In all that time he developed his own style of cooking and entrepreneurship. For Jeroen van Werven cooking with the Outdooroven is a different experience than cooking in a restaurant kitchen. Van Werven: “It’s important to get to know each piece of equipment to be able to work with it. You need to be able to trust your tools. This oven is easy to work with. What you see is what you get, the heat distribution is good and it pre-heats quickly… Cooking with it is very direct. Basic. A feisty little oven.”

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